Founder acquired TLT-Group

Customer case • 02.07.2019

Kotka & co. acted as legal advisor to the buyer in a transaction where a majority stake of TLT-Group was acquired by its founder from Sponsor Capital Fund IV. TLT-Group is one of the leading suppliers of energy infrastructure network solutions in Finland. Customers of the TLT-Group are private and public owners of critical electricity, district heating networks and telecommunication infrastructure.

TLT-Group’s net sales in 2018 was approximately 73 M€ and the Group employed approximately 250 persons. TLT-Group is a supplier of modern network solution providing the most challenging telecommunications, electricity network and district heating network construction projects as well as planning and maintenance services. The Group’s multidisciplinary know-how and cooperation network covers all stages of network construction form pre-design to maintenance. By combining the key knowledge and capabilities of Group companies, the customers can be provided with optimized full service offering in each project.

Sponsor Capital is a Finnish private equite firm founded in 1997. The firm makes mainly majority investments in Finnish mid-sized companies that have an excellent management, stable market position and predictable cash flow. Sponsor Capital operates responsibly and long term as well as in a strongly profit-oriented mode and believing in management’s entrepreneurial spirit. Large Finnish institutions invest their capital through Sponsor Capital.

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