Wibax to Aquire Baltic Tank

Customer case • 02.09.2020

Kotka & co. acted as the seller side (the Laaksonen family and a private equity fund managed by Aboa Venture Management) advisor in a transaction where Sweden-based Wibax AB, through its Finnish subsidiary, acquired all the shares in Baltic Tank Oy from its former owners.

Baltic Tank provides logistics and storage services for bulk liquids including chemicals, oil products, biofuels, coating pigments and food-grade liquids, and its operations are based in Turku, Finland. It has eight terminals at eight different areas in Finland and at one area in Kunda, Estonia.

Wibax produces, modifies, and delivers chemicals and bio-oils with control over the full value chain from producer to end customer. The business consists of sales, imports, production, development, service & maintenance, storage and distribution of primarily liquid chemical products and bio-oils in bulk. The Group’s head office and production facility is located in Piteå. Terminals and offices are operational throughout Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The following companies are included in the Group: Wibax AB, Wibax Logistics, Wibax Industrial, Wibax Biofuels, Wibax Performance Chemicals, Wibax Oy, Wibax Logistics Oy and Wibax AS. The acquisition will now add Baltic Tank and its subsidiaries to this list.

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